Hamlin’s devastation rejoices at the “Masked Singer”‘s sudden appearance

(CNN) “Sesame Street” brought Hamlin’s devastation to the “Masked Singer.”

On an episode that aired Wednesday night, a Buffalo Bills player who He collapsed after suffering a heart attack During a match in January, The audience and judges were stunned by the appearance.

The show opened with a group of “Sesame Street” characters, including Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Count Elmo, Grover, and Oscar the Grouch, performing BTS’ song, “Dynamite”.

Later, Damir Hamelin came out to sit on the stage and talk to Elmo who asked his name and who was there. When the young man said he was there with his brother, Elmo said, “Let’s get him out!”

The attendees cheered when the elder Hamlin appeared and host Nick Cannon announced, “Ladies and gentlemen, the Buffalo Bills are on the block! Damar Hamlin, the man who brought the whole world together, and inspired us all!”

Hamlin flashes the heart sign he makes with his hands, which becomes associated with him.

Judge and actor Ken Jeong jumped up and down before shouting, “Thank you!” Fellow judge Nicole Scherzinger remarked, “Ken freaks out!”

“I’m so glad you’re here, but more importantly, I’m so glad you’re healthy,” Jeong said. “The whole world loves you! The whole world loves you!”

The professional soccer player thanked him and explained why he was there.

“Mainly because of my brother,” he said. “This is my world. I put family first and he loves ‘Sesame Street’ more than most things, so we had to make it tonight.”

There has been an outpouring of support for Hamlin since his medical accident.

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