Harry Styles discusses his new album ‘Harry’s House’: NPR

Lily Egger / Courtesy of the artist

Harry Stiles.

Lily Egger / Courtesy of the artist

Harry Stiles He’s always been on the move since his teenage years in the boy group One-way – Round the world one by one. So the idea of ​​a house is something he’s been thinking a lot about. Just keep in mind the title of his new album, released today: Harry’s House.

morning editionStyles Channel’s Laila Fadel spoke about the concept of home and the place he sought during and after lockdown, helping friends recover and the process of separating the pop star from person, especially when they are the first in a lot of their business. life. She knew, as she searched for him for the interview, that he was also looking for her.

“Laila gave the best graduation speech in the history of the Northeast,” he says.

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Laila Fadel morning edition: this album, Harry’s houseRecorded worldwide – Los Angeles, Tokyo, Maine, London. This signifies the life you live, the life of a traveler. So what is home to you?

Harry Stiles: I think home for me is just friends. While this album is personal, and a lot about my own journey to find a place in the house, I also feel it is very dedicated to my friends.

I always felt like I was going to land in a certain place, or a certain house and feel like ‘Oh, this is the house I’ve been looking for’. And I think, like happiness, this is not necessarily a place of last rest and it is a journey and it is a kind of peaks and basins of happiness and sadness – all the things that make you feel alive.

Matilda is here. Is that Roald Dahl?

Sure enough, he’s masquerading as Roald Dahl’s Matilda, yes. It was kinda ok we’ll disguise it as talking to Matilda Now that you’re all grown up, who has been abused by her family, how can you talk to her?

I think people have a lot of guilt about things that they don’t necessarily need to feel guilty about. You have the right to protect the space around you, protect yourself, and take care of yourself. I think it was a moment when I don’t have to make someone else’s experience mine, but it was just a desire to reassure them that I was listening.

The single “As It Was” has a really fun energy, but when you listen to the lyrics, there’s nostalgia…there’s sadness. At what point in time do you sing?

It’s about transforming, losing yourself, and finding yourself. Embrace the fact that life hits you at different times, not when you expect it. That’s cool, but with these wonderful things comes a complex emotional journey[s].


You’ve talked about trying to figure out how you are not defined by what you do, trying to figure out who you are separate from.

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I think because I started at a very young age, it became more like – that’s what I am now. I don’t know if I would have stopped long enough to realize what I would have been if I hadn’t. But I think getting to a place where I feel like, “It’s what I do and I love, but it’s not necessarily who I am.” It just feels like a much healthier place to work from and make music from.

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