HBO’s “The Last of Us” season finale is approaching on a high

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Fans of “The Last of Us” set another ratings record for the first season of the apocalyptic, mushroom-infected video game. broadcast though against the Oscars HBO said Sunday night that the season finale drew 8.2 million viewers.

Viewership for “The Last of Us” has consistently increased over the course of the season. The series didn’t just win players over With high expectations but also from critics and people who are not familiar with the game.

The series premiere drew 4.7 million viewers in the United States, based on Nielsen and HBO data, making it the second-biggest debut for HBO, after “House of the Dragon”. Outside the US, “The Last of Us” has become the most-watched show in HBO Max history in both Europe and Latin America, HBO said.

As viewers watch episodes on streaming platforms days after the episodes air, series numbers will continue to increase. The series now averages 30.4 million viewers across its first six episodes, with the premiere approaching 40 million viewers in the US, according to HBO.

HBO ditched the ratings giant for the Super Bowl, dropping Episode 5 of “The Last of Us” on HBO Max and HBO On Demand early last month on the Friday before the big game on Feb. 12. Episode five was still going strong, with 11.6 million viewers from Friday to Sunday.

The series finale ended with Joel making some difficult and controversial decisions that left viewers wondering what’s next for leads Ellie (Bella Ramsey) and Joel (Pedro Pascal). Although not much has been officially announced about the second season, video game fans know “The Last of Us Part II” and are eagerly anticipating how the game will be adapted for the second season.

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