Helldivers 2 community manager appears to have been fired after encouraging negative reviews about now-rescinded PSN mandate: ‘I knew I was risking what I said’

A Helldivers 2 community manager claims he was fired after encouraging negative Steam reviews in response to Sony’s recently rescinded decision to mandate PlayStation Network account linking.

Following last week’s announcement that Helldivers 2 players on PC would have to link their PSN accounts to continue playing the game, an absolute tsunami of backlash has hit both Sony and Arrowhead. As the noise of protest continues to swell, community manager Spitz has begun actively encouraging players to make their voices heard, as doing so will give Arrowhead “further discussions with Sony” to overturn the decision. Well, more than 200,000 negative comments were posted on Helldivers 2’s Steam page shortly after Sony announced the change, and the decision was eventually reversed, but not without a major casualty.

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