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The SAG-AFTRA strike generated a great deal of discussion and confusion about what was prohibited and what was still acceptable. SAG-AFTRA has Detailed instruction mode For members, non-members, independent producers, and other groups.

But people still have questions. Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

I’m a film critic. Can I review movies?

definitely. Critics are not on strike and are under no obligation to stop reviewing movies or TV shows.

I am an entertainment journalist. Can I cover movies and TV?

Yes. Entertainment journalists, whether they belong to a union or not, are not on strike. Even the broadcast journalists represented by SAG-AFTRA were not affected, as the strike concerned only the TV/Theater contract.

I am an entertainment journalist. Will any actor talk to me about his project?

Mostly not. It would enhance the beating action. They might talk about why they’re on strike though.

What if the actor wants to talk about their project and do the interview through their publicist and not through the studio?

This is still not acceptable, according to SAG-AFTRA. (The WGA relaxed on this a few weeks later, but SAG-AFTRA did not.)

I am not affiliated with SAG-AFTRA. How can I show my support for the strike?

You can post on social media and you can donate to the Leisure Community Fund, which supports out-of-work crew members. The union also encouraged non-members to appear at sit-ins and rallies. existing Picket sites here.

Should you boycott Netflix?

Neither the WGA nor SAG-AFTRA called for a boycott of Netflix or any other platform, and it wouldn’t make much difference if you did it yourself.

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Can SAG-AFTRA members submit reality shows or game shows?

Yes. The union was beneficial put document Listing all the things SAG-AFTRA artists can still do, including appearing on reality shows and game shows. They can also do commercials, video games, talk shows, etc.

I am an influencer. Can I promote movies and TV shows?

Here is where it gets tricky. Most influencers are not unionized and are not subject to any strike rules. But some of them work under the SAG-AFTRA influencer agreement, or they may want to someday. These influencers have been asked not to promote successful work (such as movies and TV shows), whether for a fee or “organically”. However, if the influencer already has a contract to promote something, the union advises him to fulfill the obligations of the contract. They are also free to influence any other topic.

Can I do cosplay?

If you’re not in SAG-AFTRA, go ahead (excluding future union influencers above). If you’re at SAG-AFTRA, look in the mirror and ask yourself: Am I promoting great work? then no.

I am an independent producer. Can I get a waiver to continue making my project?

Yes. SAG-AFTRA calls this a “Temporary Agreement” and you agree to be bound by the final terms of any transaction AMPTP enters into with the federation. You also have to be really independent from the AMPTP companies.

What happens if I violate the strike rules?

If you do this unintentionally, someone will probably tap you on the shoulder and remind you not to do it again. But the union has absolute power to enforce its own strike rules. Penalties may include “censure, reprimand, fine, suspension, and/or expulsion.” If you are not a member, and you do an amazing job, you will be banned from joining the guild in the future.

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