Herm Edwards is out at ASU & Pac-12 in the ascendant

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Dan Wetzel, SI’s Pat Forde and SI’s Ross Dellenger further break down the news that has come from Week 3 of college football. Arizona State and Herm Edwards have parted ways, so men share nominees who would be best suited to the new party in Phoenix. The transfer gate could create better parity within the sport. Michigan looked bad, while Oregon and Washington looked great in their victories. Big Ten West appears to be in decline as Penn State appears to be searching for its rhythm and as always, the show presents their Small Sample Heisman nominees alongside Say Something Nice.

1:30 Herm Edwards is fired from Arizona

9:05 Who can take over the ASU job?

19:04 Urban Meyer was in Nebraska

21:00 How did the transfer gate affect parity

30:30 Big Weekend for Pac-12

32:10 Michigan looked bad

34:45 Has Pennsylvania been underestimated?

38:36 Week 3 Great endings

45:31 The Big Ten West looks terrible

48:38 Small sample Heisman

52:40 Say something nice

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ASU President Herm Edwards looks on the field against NAU Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

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