Hosting his fifth SNL, John Mulaney joins the super crowded Five Timers club

Conan O'Brien, Tina Fey, Paul Rudd, John Mulaney, Candice Bergen, Steve Martin, Elliot Gold

Conan O’Brien, Tina Fey, Paul Rudd, John Mulaney, Candice Bergen, Steve Martin, Elliot Gold
screenshot: Saturday Night Live

Could John Mulaney dream of hosting Saturday Night Live For the fifth time when he was writing jokes to break Bill Hader on the air? Probably not, like before SNL The writer turned into a stand-up star and Sometime moving rodent I wandered shyly in Saturday Night LiveThe Five Timers Club shows off on Saturdays.

Five-time (or more) hosting legends like Steve Martin, Candice Bergen, Elliot Gould, Tina Fey and other Five Timer Paul Rudd welcomed her (outraged that his festive drawing was mocked by Omicron), Mulaney reassured these show business icons that he doesn’t understand why he’s there either. After Martin gave her a standing ovation, “Meghan Mullally!” , Mulaney explained to Bergen that she should ask her wayward niece or “bad son in sports” to fill her in with the newest member of the club. Gould, who played a foolish neighbor of the notorious Mulani short-lived sitcomalso claimed that he does not remember Mulaney, although he may have just prevented it.

With Fey dropping the club’s signature cocktail, The Five Timer Fizz (made with many hosts’ signature vanity drinks and a Tracy Morgan-derived aquarium blender), Mulaney shyly agreed to Rudd’s embroidered smoking jacket as his own, because Rud couldn’t get a break . Guiding to those who might suggest that what was once a one-shot idiot has gotten a little out of the way over the years, Martin has been chewing the wrong end of his stately pipe, thinking that letting people like Mulaney through the doors might devalue the Five Timers concept a bit.

Did someone say ‘not special?’ ‘, exclaimed Conan O’Brien at a sign of him, as a late-night establishment (turned podcaster, as O’Brien muttered faintly) to wipe out his humble former fellow writer. Fey got tired of emphasizing that she was a writer, but Conan blew out that she was in the cast as well, so she could pressure him. As for Mulaney, Conan calmed his unexpected Five-Timer Impostor Syndrome, noting that the book in SNL Who (although “too ugly” for TV as a rule) is really the force behind these plush jacket fake voices. Mulaney displayed their true strength, then Conan exclaimed, “Live, from New York, it’s Saturday night!” Although the graphic was well broadcast in the body of the show. Take that, arrogant.

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