House Oversight Committee: Daniel Snyder refused to accept subpoena

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Last week, the chair of the US House of Representatives Oversight and Reform Committee, Caroline Maloney, said she would summon Commanders owner Daniel Snyder to testify in this week’s testimony. It would be difficult to do if the subpoena could not be served.

Snyder, according to a commission spokesperson, refused to accept the summons.

Here is the full comment, via Ben Standig of “Mr. Snyder has Refused yet to accept the service of calling the committee. While the Commission has been and remains prepared to consider reasonable accommodations requested by witnesses, we will not tolerate attempts to evade a duly authorized subpoena to obtain special treatment not afforded to other witnesses who have testified in the matter. Snyder’s testimony will not be deterred by the commission, and we remain committed to ensuring transparency about the toxic workplace culture in Washington leaders and the NFL’s inadequate response.”

Snyder continues to make this more difficult for himself. He should have testified voluntarily. The service must be accepted. The more he tried to dig into his heels, the more the committee became determined to rip his knees off.

And they will. He will be called. He has to testify. Unless he chooses to ignore the commission and accept the consequences.

If he testified, he would have to decide whether to answer questions honestly, not to tell the truth in response to one or more questions, or to invoke the Fifth Amendment.

As it turns out, the process continues to generate more and more drama — and Snyder has only himself to blame.

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