How The Equalizer was written by Chris Noth after the actor’s December release

William Bishop has finally been released from Equalizernearly four months after the CBS drama announced that Chris Noth would no longer be part of the cast.

For a season and a half, Nuth played the friend and former CIA therapist Robin Lady Queen Latifah, but was removed from the cast in December after a total of five women came forward with allegations of sexual assault and misconduct, which the actor allegedly called a “categorical mistake.”

Days after the first accusations surfaced, CBS confirmed Noth’s exit from Equalizer. His last appearance on camera came on the January 2 episode, which was filmed before the allegations surfaced.

Latifa said in late January People“We understand what we want to do creatively on the show and how we’re going to deal with that character….Clearly Chris’ character is a huge part of the show, and it was amazing chemistry.”

Finally this Sunday night, six episodes after Noth’s final appearance, Bishop was killed in a plane crash orchestrated by Robin’s opponent Mason Quinn (JailbreakChris Vance) – as seen by Robin, sister site diverse summary.

Like previously TVLine and exclusively mentioned In early January, a striped cameo from Noth featured in the first season finale of HBO Max’s And like that… In the wake of these allegations. Similarly, fitness company Peloton pulled an ad featuring Noth, in which the actor mocked Mr. Big’s death in And like that… the first show.

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