How the Ukrainians were able to kill 6 Russian generals. Interpretation by former CIA chief David Petraeus

David Petraeus, a former US general and CIA leader, told CNN how the Ukrainian military was killing Russian generals. Kiev said that since the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine, 6 Russian generals have been killed out of the current 20 in the country. Petraeus says it is not uncommon for many top soldiers to die in battle, and that this is a testament to the problems facing the Russian military in Ukraine.

“It’s very unusual. It’s the first three weeks. And these are very high-ranking generals. The main thing is that their command and control device is not working,” he said. Defender.

“Their communications were blocked by the Ukrainians. Their secure communications did not work. He had to go to a channel. He could have blocked it. That’s what the Ukrainians did. They use mobile phones. The Ukrainians blocked the prefix for Russia, so they did not work. Mobile phones were actually stolen to communicate, “Petraeus said.

“So what happens? The column is disabled. An impatient general sits in the back of his armored vehicle. With no initiative, he goes ahead to find out what’s going on. There is no force of unarmed officers. , The Ukrainians have the best snipers and they are targeting him, ”he explained.

Mikhail Podoliyak, an adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky, said today that a sixth Russian general had been killed in Ukraine.

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“The death toll among senior officials of the Russian Federation is striking. Six generals have already been killed: Maj. Gen. Tushev, Gerasimov, Kolsnikov, Sukhovsky, Mordyev and General Mortwichev. Dozens of colonels and other officers of the Russian Federation and the army are completely unprepared. It only fights with missiles, “Bodoliac wrote on Twitter.

Russia today confirmed the death of Andrei Polly, deputy commander of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, in Ukraine.

Polly was about to be promoted to Rear Admiral.

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