Hungary is cutting back on a number of food items to combat inflation. Victor Orban: “We decided to intervene in the prices of 6 items”

To offset the effects of inflation, the Hungarian government will set prices for a number of key foods by October 2021. The announcement was made by Prime Minister Victor Orban on Wednesday.

“We have decided to intervene in the prices of six items,” Prime Minister Victor Orban said in a video. Facebook.

The Prime Minister explained that the move was aimed at sugar, wheat flour, sunflower oil, pork, chicken breast and 2.8% fat milk, according to EFE, taken by Agerpres.

Orban insisted that retailers reduce the prices of these six products until October 15, 2021, but did not mention the government’s financial compensation.

The prime minister, who justified the move by raising energy prices, said the food would be available at lower prices from February 1.

Hungary has already set a maximum price of 98 petrol, which should not exceed 1.35 euros per liter.

Although electricity in Hungary has already had the highest price since 2013, recent global energy prices have had a side effect on the Central European country, EFE writes.

According to preliminary government estimates, inflation in Hungary will be 5.1% in 2021, up from 3.3% in 2020.

Hungary, which is not in the eurozone, will hold assembly elections on April 3, and Victor Orban will be running for a fourth consecutive term.

Author: B.P.

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