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Tom Cruise looks ageless in his movies. but Mission: Impossible Dead Reckoning Director Christopher McQuarrie was close to removing the aging Cruz as a gimmick in the new film’s opening sequence.

This process has been seen recently Indiana Jones Movie, where 81-year-old Harrison Ford retracts the odometer. At 61, Cruz is still immune to that. But the sequence in which it was to be used would have happened over 30 years ago.

Macquarie said GamesRadar Decided against it Mission: Impossible Because the process yielded inconsistent results. Even worse, he was distracted by seeing a younger version of Ethan Hunt’s character.

“Originally, there was a whole sequence at the beginning of the movie that was going to happen in 1989,” said McQuarrie. “We talked about it as a cold open. We talked about it as a flashback in the movie. We looked at de-aging.”

“One of the most important things [the de-aging] I was looking at it while researching, I kept saying, “Boy, this de-aging is really good” or “This de-aging isn’t very good.” I didn’t find myself actually following the story.” “One of the actors was so distracted that I knew him since he was suddenly this young now.”

In this movie, de-aging just wasn’t right. But McQuarrie isn’t giving it up forever. Macquarie claims he’s open to revisiting deaging again in the future. “I’ve decoded – I think – how best to deal with it,” he said. “By then, we had kind of drifted away from her. We might still play with her. We never say never.”

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