In India, a woman who did not want to come home burned her 5-year-old daughter alive.

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Photo: Getty Images A woman burned her 5-year-old daughter alive when she refused to come inside.

A woman in India’s northern state of Uttar Pradesh allegedly burned her 5-year-old daughter alive for disobedience. The horrific incident took place on Monday evening in Padera village of Mohammadpur.

On Tuesday, the woman, Asha Devi, 30, was arrested after her husband Banu Pratap Singh lodged a complaint with the police. The girl, Vandana, was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital, but was declared brought dead there Indian Express.

The two wives also have a 10-year-old son named Kunal.

Police said Asha Devi got angry when her two children, who were playing outside, refused to come inside the house.

“When the two brothers entered the house, she beat them. Later, Asha Devi opened a bottle of disinfectant, poured the solution on Vandana and set her on fire. Realizing the severity of the gesture, she wanted to save her daughter and suffered burns on both her hands. But the girl was too late.” Police said.

The husband appears to have later withdrawn his complaint on the grounds that no one in the family could take care of his minor son, but investigators say the case is too serious to negotiate a plea bargain.

Atrali police chief Mohsin Khan said the child’s body was cremated in the village as the family did not want the police involved. “We have collected the ashes and bones for forensic analysis and are submitting it to the court as evidence of the crime,” the officer said.

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