Ireland mourns the death of a 23 – year – old teacher on the street in broad daylight. The main suspect is a Roman

A person of Romanian descent, arrested on suspicion of particularly serious murder, will be produced in court. Earlier this week, 23-year-old Ashling Murphy lost her life after being attacked in Tullamore, Offaly.

The teacher (pictured above), who is much loved in his community, was attacked in broad daylight while jogging on a busy sidewalk. In this case, which shocked the public opinion in Ireland, the Romanian police are investigating and waiting for the results of the forensic tests to find out if they have enough evidence. The purpose of appearing in court on Friday is to ask police to extend pre-trial detention beyond the 24 hours allowed by law to obtain evidence in support of a murder charge.

Police said the attack may have been carried out by someone acting alone. The 40-year-old suspect, who is of Romanian descent, will be arraigned in court after being arrested at Thullamore police station. The Irish press reports that the suspect has been known to police in the past.

Police suspect the attack, which took place on a crowded entertainment road, may have been accidental, and information available shows that the victim and the killer did not know each other.

Justice Minister Helen McKendy said what happened in Thullamore was “the worst dream of every woman and family”. Speaking to those in charge of the investigation, he said the police would get any assistance they needed. McEntee called on witnesses or anyone with information to submit as soon as possible.

McEntee also told RTÉ News that the Irish community must work to ensure “zero tolerance for violence against women” and that a new national strategy for the protection of women will be released soon.

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Ashling Murphy comes from a family with a musical tradition and played the violin. The author’s death led to a series of reactions on social media, highlighting the seriousness of the case and the brutal violence. The headmaster of the Troy National School where Ashling Murphy teaches described the teacher as “a bright light” and the Irish press published pictures with tears in the eyes of the students.

Public opinion has been destroyed and while many continue to pay tribute to the young teacher, investigators promise to take all necessary steps and “leave no stone unturned” in the ongoing criminal investigation.

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