Israel has launched a massive operation against Islamic Jihad in Gaza

Israel bombed targets in Gaza on Friday, targeting the Islamic Jihad group, the Israeli military said in a statement. Palestinian sources say at least seven people died, while the Israeli military estimates 10-20 “Palestinian terrorists” were killed.

Update 18:25. The Israeli military has released a video of Islamic Jihad’s top commander Taysir Jabari being killed in an airstrike on an apartment complex in the Gaza Strip.

Jabari was the group’s commander in the northern Gaza Strip. Israel Defense Forces say he planned anti-tank guided missile attacks against Israeli civilians and soldiers in areas near the Gaza border.

Taysir Jabari, Islamic Jihad commander killed by Israeli military strikes Photo: The Times of Israel

Shifa Hospital in Gaza confirmed two people were killed and 20 wounded CNN. A CNN producer in Gaza watched as medics removed two bodies from the so-called “Palestine Tower” that had been hit by an Israeli attack.

The Health Ministry in the Hamas-run Gaza Strip says Israeli airstrikes have killed eight people, including a 5-year-old girl, and injured 40 others. The Times of Israel.

The Israeli military, for its part, said it estimated 10-20 “Palestinian terrorists” were killed in the airstrikes.

According to the military, fighter jets and drones carried out strikes on six targets. One of the people targeted in the attacks was Taysir Jabari, commander of Islamic Jihad in northern Gaza.

The Israeli military says it launched the operation as Palestinian militants prepare to launch attacks on Israeli targets. There have been signs of this for some time, with the Israelis on Monday arresting Islamic Jihad leader Bassem Saadi in the West Bank.

“The enemy has launched a war targeting our people and we all have a duty to protect ourselves and our people and not allow the enemy to get away with its actions aimed at undermining national resilience and resolve,” Islamic Jihad responded. Two militant groups in Gaza.

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The Israeli military is now expecting a retaliation and has announced that a “state of emergency” has been declared in areas surrounding the Gaza Strip, expecting rocket fire or other attacks from the militants. The “Iron Dome” air defense system was activated in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Beersheba.

The operation against Islamic Jihad in Gaza is called “Breaking Dawn,” the military said.

Author: Luana Pavaluka

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