It is said that Trevor Storey chose from among four teams

short free proxy Trevor’s story She is considering opportunities with four teams and anticipates a decision will be made relatively soon, Tweets John Heyman of the MLB Network. Both the Giants and the Red Sox are in a mix of Story, according to Heyman, who noted that the long-running Rockies Shortstop is now open to changing the “short-term” position, if necessary. This is a departure from earlier in the winter, when he strongly preferred to stay a short distance away. Heyman adds that the story prioritizes signing with the winning team now.

It is not clear what other clubs remain in the market, although the Twins and Mariners are among the clubs that have expressed interest throughout the season. Minnesota’s interest surfaced earlier in the week, after the twins managed to unload what was left Josh DonaldsonHe was in a business deal with the Yankees (he addressed another rumored earlier this winter). The Twins could offer a clear daily role in Shortstop, but if Story prioritizes the winning club, the sale will be tougher for the 73-win Twins club – even if they take it Sony Gray And he made some other moves that signal a desire to compete in 2022.

Meanwhile, the Mariners had been hoping to sign Storey to play second base earlier in the winter. With Story then apparently set to stick at the short stopping point, M’s . gained Eugenio Suarez side by side Jesse Winker In a deal with the Reds. Suarez and his colleague overseas business acquisition Adam Fraser It appears he’s set for third base and second base, respectively, though the Mariners’ always active head of baseball operations, Jerry DePoto, can always look for more deals to create more chances if he really wants the story.

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It should be noted that while the words “short-term” do not necessarily mean that Story is open to a short-term transaction yet. For example, the general expectation is that the Red Sox Shortstop Xander Bogarts He would choose to opt out of the last three years of his contract after the 2022 season. Story could technically sign a long-term deal in Boston, play second base for one season, and then slip as a daily stopping point if he leaves the Bogarts. This is a completely speculative scenario, to be clear, but it’s fairly easy to imagine.

As for the giants, they generally showed an aversion to long-term nine-figure contracts. So any deal with Storey would require him to either take a short-term agreement that would require an exception to Farhan al-Zaidi’s front-office philosophy on long-term commitments. If Storey is willing to change positions, he can slip into second base in San Francisco and push Tommy La Stella In the role of a versatile utility. Depending on Evan LongoriaHealthy, Story can also spend some time in the hot corner, teaming up with Brandon Crawford To form a dynamic defense on the left side.

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