Italy sends 4 more warplanes to Romania, Belgium sends 300 soldiers

Italy is sending four more warplanes to Romania to strengthen NATO’s southeast, Defense Minister Lorenzo Gurini announced on Saturday. Prime Minister pElgiumn Announced by Alexander de Crowe That too is his country It will deploy 300 troops in Romania as part of the same effort.

So far, Italy has already stationed four Eurofighter aircraft at the Mikhail Gogolnicianu military base near Constanta, and four will be attached from Saturday. DPA, reports quoted by Agerpres.

Since December 2021, the Italian Air Force has been conducting aerial surveillance in the region as part of the NATO program. Southern Air Force.

In the past few days, German armed forces have also sent six warplanes to Romania.

BThe Belgian player announced the new results on Twitter.

Belgium is responsible for NATO’s rapid reaction force, which was activated on Friday. At the current stage, 300 Belgian soldiers will be stationed in RomaniaA he said.

For his part, Defense Minister Ludwig Dayton explained that deployment would take place Next week The army will be part of a joint force with France Protect and encourage Russia, OK EFE.

Belgium will support Ukrainian forces with 2,000 machine guns and 3,800 tons of fuel, de Cruz said, adding that Brussels’ executive Kiev was considering other requests for government assistance.

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