“It’s irresponsible to loot the German army”

German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht on Thursday rejected the possibility of supplying armored transport vehicles to Ukraine, declaring that the resources of the German military cannot be “robbed”, reports the dpa agency quoted by Agerpres.

“We support Ukraine as possible and responsibly. But we must guarantee Germany’s defense capability,” Lambrecht said. “It is irresponsible to want to loot the Bundeswehr, especially in these times, and to ignore the inspector general’s military advice,” Lambrecht said.

Germany began supplying Ukraine with heavy military equipment, such as anti-aircraft tanks, although much later than Kiev had requested. Ukrainian leaders have continued to press Western allies to send more equipment so they can repel Russian military forces.

Agerpres says that the conservative opposition in the German parliament is pushing for an urgent delivery of 200 transport vehicles to Ukraine.

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