“It’s something I’ve never seen before.” A leaking hole has been discovered at the bottom of the ocean

Scientists have discovered a leaky hole at the bottom of the ocean.

According to experts at the University of Washington, this hole drains water in a strange way.

He writes that it is located on the coast of Oregon, USA, above the Cascadia subduction zone fault. dailystar.co.uk.

A press release issued by the company indicated that the hole in the sea floor could be a sign of seismic activity in the area.

The hole was named “Oasis of Pythias” after an oracle who hallucinated the prophets while standing in a hot spring.

It was first discovered in 2015, but new research suggests the water coming out of the hole could be something else.

Experts believe it may be a kind of “tectonic lubricant” to prevent the plates from shifting.

During a research expedition, scientists discovered “bubbles about 1.2 km below the surface of the sea”.

Using a robot that probes the ocean floor, the team learned that the bubbles are “only a small component of a hot, chemically diverse fluid that is released from seafloor sediments.”

“They looked in that direction, and what they saw was not just bubbles of methane, but water coming out of the ocean floor like a fire hose. It’s something that neither I nor anyone else to my knowledge has ever seen,” said Evan Solomon, a professor of oceanography and geology at the University of Washington.

Previous research has found that the water coming out of the hole is warmer than seawater.

It is believed to be the first seabed spill of its kind, but experts believe there may be others yet to be discovered.

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