Jamal Edwards, a leading music businessman who helped launch Ed Sheeran, died Jessie J, at the age of 31 years

Jamal Edwards, the British music entrepreneur and YouTube star who helped launch the careers of artists like Ed Sheeran, Jessie J and Dave, has passed away at the age of 31.

Edwards was the founder of the online music platform SBTV, which helped start the lives of an impressive group of now-famous musicians.

Edwards confirmed the mother of singer and introduction to the program “loose woman” Brenda Edwards and her son’s death in a statment Shared at the expense of “loose women” on Twitter in the early hours of Monday morning.

“It is with the deepest pain of my heart that I confirm the passing of my beautiful son, Jamal Edwards [Sunday] She said, “this morning after a sudden illness.”

She said the loss left her family “completely broken”.

“He was the center of our world,” she said, thanking the audience for their messages of love and support and asking for privacy for her family.

“Jamal has been an inspiration to me and so many. Our love for him continues and his legacy lives on,” she added.

Edwards’ illness was not immediately clear. A representative of Brenda Edwards referred to NBC News for her statement. SBTV did not immediately respond to a request for comment from NBC News.

Edwards was an early YouTuber, using the platform to share the music and videos he recorded for up-and-coming artists. He went on to found SBTV, and became a prominent figure in the music world.

in his last life Instagram shareshared on February 17, Edwards wished Sheeran a happy birthday, writing, “Blessed have been my brother in my life. You know you’ve been buddies for so long when you lose count of the years!”

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While Edwards’ work has played a pivotal role in helping launch the careers of a number of major artists, including Sheeran, he has also been celebrated as a major player in British rap.

In 2014, Edwards was appointed in MBE for music services. It has also become an ambassador for the Foundation Prince’s Trust, a charity run by the Prince of Wales to help young people to create their own business.

Prince Charles sits on a sofa with Jamal Edwards during the launch of Prince’s Trust Summer Sessions on July 29, 2013, in Chatham, England.Chris Jackson / Getty Aamadjiys file

According to the BBC, the music entrepreneur had attended the BRIT Awards earlier this month.

Expressions of honor poured in on Monday in the wake of Edwards’ death.

“We’ve lost a legend today. Jamal Edwards has been an inspiration to many, supporting artists and shaped culture through SBTVonline,” statment Posted on Twitter account YouTube said. “Sending our condolences to Jamal’s family and community.”

“Today I was on set when I found out the tragic news that my friend Jamal Edwards has passed away and I am sincerely heartbroken,” said actor Adam Deacon on tweet. “Jamal was one of the nicest, most humble and down-to-earth men I’ve ever met in the industry. He always gave me time even when no one else would.”

Comedian Monia Shouwa said in tweet. “What an incredible legacy; thank you.”

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