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James Mangold might trade his whip for a trip to swamp country.

Mangold, who has Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny Hitting theaters in May, it is in early talks to be one of the first writers and directors to join James Gunn and Peter Safran List of DC Studios filmmakers.

Mangold is in discussions with Warner Bros. To take over the feature modification swamp thingthe horror-based superhero that was a focal point of the first chapter of DC Studios’ slate.

John and Safran unveiled the list on Tuesday. swamp thing It was the last of the ten projects that were talked about and was the darkest in terms of score. Mangold was not mentioned by the executives at the time, as sources say the talks are still in the early stages.

However, on Tuesday night, Mangold tweeted a simple (but moody and poetic) picture of the Swamp Thing, drawn by co-author Bernie Wrightson. Gun retweeted the post, indicating that the talks were moving in a hopeful direction.

Mangold is said to be a huge fan of the character and the stories. According to sources, he approached Gunn and Safran with his ideas. swamp thing It’ll be a few years away, and Mangold’s next project after that Destiny asked It will be a Bob Dylan biopic for Paramount.

Created by writer Len Wein and horror artist Wrightson, Swamp Thing first appeared in a standalone story in 1971. secret house No. 92. The character proved popular enough that he was given his own book soon after, though it was short-lived.

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The character reached his peak in the 1980s during an influential run-down written by Alan Moore and illustrated by John Totleben and Stephen R. Bissett. The book was at the forefront of the burgeoning comic book and hardcover titles that included Moore’s book guardsFrank Miller The Dark Knight ReturnsArt Spiegelman moose and other works that brought new energy to comics.

During this run, Swamp Thing evolved from a simple horror comedy into one with a deep racial mythology incorporating concepts such as the Parliament of Trees and tackling complex themes of life and death. The race also introduced another superhero, John Constantine, and his more mature nature led to the creation of the Vertigo Mature Readers imprint.

The Swamp Thing has seen several comics since, with the character folded back into the DC Universe proper, where he was part of the Justice League Dark, DC’s superhero group of supernatural characters.

The character first appeared on the big screen in 1982, in a movie directed by horror master Wes Craven and more recently in the movie Short lived series A show by Gary Dauberman and Mark Verheiden that aired on the now defunct DC Universe platform.

At Tuesday’s presentation, Jan and Safran said the new movie “delves into the dark origins of Swamp Thing.” And while calling it an “apocalyptic movie,” the character still interacts with other DC characters, with a clash of colors being a major temptation for any mix-up.

Mangold co-wrote Destiny askedIt is the first Indiana Jones movie not to be directed by Steven Spielberg and will be released on June 30. Prior to that, he directed an Academy Award-winning racing drama Ford vs. Ferrari He co-wrote and directed the critically acclaimed X-Men-centric movie Logan.

Mangold is represented by WME, Entertainment 360, and Sloane Offer.

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