Jamie Foxx opens up about the medical emergency for the first time since being admitted to the hospital

Jamie Foxx has opened up about an unspecified medical emergency for the first time since health complications I landed him in the hospital in April.

Actor Ray posted an honest and candid update to Instagram Friday night to shed some light on his absence from the spotlight.

“I didn’t want you to see me like this, man,” he said in the more than three-minute video. “I wanted you to see me laugh, have a good time, party, make a joke, do a movie, make a TV show. I didn’t want you to see me with pipes running out of me and trying to see if I’d make it through.”

His daughter, Corinne Fox, first shared the 55-year-old artist’s “medical complications,” which was published Family statement on Instagram on April 12.

“We know how loved he is and appreciate your prayers,” the statement said. “The family requests privacy during this time.”

During the video, Fox also thanked his family for keeping information on the medical emergency.tight,” and from the audience. Although little information is shared, his friends and fellow artists love him Nick Cannon And Kevin Hart reassured fans of Foxx’s health.

Celebrities also took to social media to show their support after he was hospitalized. Kerry Washington posted on Instagram, “Sending you all the love and prayers Hospin my movie,” while “Jamie Foxx Show” co-star Garcelle Beauvais shared an appreciative post saying, “I want and want you to get better soon.”

Kelly Osbourne, who also has it They face life-threatening health complicationssupported Foxx by co-hosting “Beat Shazam” alongside Cannon in place of the “Day Shift” actor and his daughter Corinne while he recuperated.

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“He’s one of the most amazingly talented human beings in the industry, and it’s such an honor to be asked to keep Corinne’s seat warm for her during it all,” Osbourne said.today.

Fox turned some heads earlier this month when he Spotted on a boat For a fun cruise on the Chicago River. TMZ shared a video From July 9th Waving to the excited crowd For the first time publicly since his admission to the hospital.

In a recently shared Instagram video, Foxx reassured his fans that he’s officially back and back in action. In fact, “Spider-Man: No Way Home” actor recently I landed a gig To co-host the game show “We Are Family” by Fox Entertainment along with his daughter Corinne.

“It was hard,” he said, shedding tears, “but now I put my legs under me.”

The video comes out immediately after the Netflix release of his movie, “The Cloned Tyrone,” which co-stars John Boyega and Tayonna Paris. The series follows an unlikely trio who are thrust into the center of a neighborhood plot.

When he closed the video, he joked about rumors he has a loose version of himself, teasing his latest role. “Well, check this out,” he said before getting ready to take off his mask and pausing to smile at his own trick. With his return to Hollywood, there are plenty of jokes to come.

“I just wanted to jump on the internet and let you know I’m on my way back,” he said.

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