Japan says war could erupt in East Asia, as happened in Ukraine

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida warned on Thursday that a war similar to the one in Ukraine would be waged in East Asia if the major powers in the region did not work together to maintain peace and stability in the Taiwanese waters, they said. Reuters.

This was stated by Prime Minister Kishida during his visit to London. Kishida said it was time for the G7 nations to reaffirm their solidarity with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

“Cooperation between countries sharing global values ​​is essential. We must work with our allies and countries to pursue the same policies and never tolerate a unilateral attempt to forcibly transform matters in the Indo-Pacific, especially in East Asia. The Prime Minister of East Asia may be Ukraine tomorrow.” Said.

Part of Beijing.

“Peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait is important not only for Japan’s security but also for the stability of the international community,” Kishida said.

“Japan maintains its position that issues around Taiwan should be resolved peacefully through negotiations. From this perspective we will follow the situation carefully,” Fumio Kishida concluded.

Author: Adrian Dumitru

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