Jeremy Renner walks on an anti-gravity treadmill after a snowplow accident

Jeremy Renner

He walks in an anti-gravity walker

after an ice accident

Jeremy RennerThe recovery from the snowplow accident is still going well – so much so that the man is actually walking again… albeit with a little help from technology.

The actor posted a video on Sunday that shows him strutting his stuff on an anti-gravity treadmill. The reason we know this — besides just looking at it — is because JR himself alludes to the fact that he only uses a certain percentage of his body weight while working his legs.

Watch…it seems like he’s getting a great deal of help, but it’s heartening to see that he’s getting on and moving like that – especially since the accident only happened a couple of months ago.

Jeremy also has a great commentary detailing how he does it. He writes, “I must now find other things to occupy my time so that my body may recover from my will.”

In other words, he wants to rehab harder than his body might allow at times—but the fact that he’s working so hard is, frankly, par for the course for him. The guy is a work horse, and you can clearly see that he wants to get back to normal as soon as possible… hopefully soon.

Again, it’s remarkable how far he’s come since January… when he was was crushed With a huge machine that almost killed him. Remember, is Broken more than 30 bones And you need major surgery. Since then, however, he has been in a grinding state… documentation his journey as well.

Get better, bud. You are well on your way.

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