Joe Shuen on Saquon Barkley trading: I’m open to everything

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Giants general manager Joe Shuen was a guest on PFT Live from the Boy Scouts group in Indianapolis on Tuesday and said one of his main priorities in his new job is to “arrange the hat” after he’s made decisions over the past two years. I left them in a bad position on that front.

This appearance came on the same day he held a press conference that included a question as to whether the team would be open to trading a return. I will be Barclay. Barkley is scheduled to earn $7.217 million as part of his fifth-year option and exit three consecutive seasons marred by injuries.

In response, Schoen once again noted that the team is not in “very healthy salary condition” while saying he “would be open to better positions for the New York Giants.”

“We’re still working through it, but I open to everythingSchoen said, via Jordan Raanan of “Like if he trades player for player; I will listen to anyone. If two players are traded – I won’t say the whole list, [that] We are open to working on the entire list. But if anyone called and was interested in any of our players. I will definitely listen.”

While Schoen may be open about everything, there are some deals that aren’t better than others. He said he is not thinking of choosing the first round for 2021 Kadarius Tony It is a ‘tradable piece’ and may not call on other teams to give away valuable assets to Barkley given how things have gone for him since the junior season, but Schwinn’s comments suggest they should contact the Giants if they are interested in making a move.

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