JoJo Siwa says she was ‘not invited’ to the 2022 Kids’ Choice Awards

The reason Jojo Siwa didn’t attend the 2022 Kids’ Choice Awards is simple: she wasn’t invited.

The “DREAM” singer, who has a complicated relationship with Nickelodeon, addressed her absence in an Instagram video Saturday night.

“I’m not sure why, but I didn’t get an invite,” Siwa said. She later posted a follow-up video on her Instagram Story, saying that someone tagged her in a clip from her song “One Chance” playing at the awards show.

Siwa laughed, “I made my song, but I didn’t.”

Fans can think of some potential reasons why the “Dancing With the Stars” alum has not been scaled back. Siwa came out as gay last year and recently confirmed She has a new girlfriend.

Siwa also She cut off her signature ponytail On Thursday he is now wearing a stout pixie cut. The recent changes may be too risky for Nickelodeon’s young audience.

Siwa supported the fans’ response to her ignored call on Twitter by retweeting two user theories.

One Twitter user “linking to a kids channel shouldn’t mean you have to stop being yourself” books.

Siwa called up Nickelodeon in September 2021, claiming that the network would not allow her to perform the six original songs she had recorded for Paramount + “The J Team” while on tour.

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“This is my songs, my voice, my writing. Does that sound fair???” she wrote in a series of deleted tweets since then, according to painting. “Working for a company like a real human being treated as just a brand is fun until it isn’t.”

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