Kharkov mayor says Russians are throwing parachute bombs into the city

Kharkov Mayor Ihor Derehov says the Russians dropped parachute bombs on the city and warned people not to approach such shells.

“Kharkov was bombed with new types of bombs. Russian attacks are parachuting. Ukrainian PravdaIt also publishes a photo made public by the mayor.

The mayor also said that 1,716 residential buildings have been destroyed since the start of the Russian invasion of the city.

Pictures of the surveillance camera released on Saturday show how People in the vicinity of Kharkov were caught in a bomb blast while trying to waste garbage.

Kharkov, Ukraine’s second largest city before the war, is still preparing for a ground offensive in the Donbass in the south and is the target of Russian bombings seeking to defend its north.

Defense Ministry spokesman Oleksandr Modusyanik said Russian occupation forces were preparing to capture Kharkov and attack Ukrainian troops.

Mayor Ihor Terehov urged residents to spend their nights in anti-aircraft camps if possible.

He assured the people of Kharkov that the city was well-armed, ready to defend itself, and not to panic. From Sunday, the mayor says the city will receive more humanitarian aid.

“How can I tell a child that mom and dad are dead? I do not know what to do …”

In other parts of the region, the Ukrainian military could not believe what destruction and drama they were experiencing.

“The road is blocked. They shot civilians in the middle of the road, regardless of whether they were men, women or children. They showed no mercy to anyone. At least 10 people were hiding here. They used the vehicle to hide, ”said a Ukrainian soldier.

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Everywhere the Russians are retreating, shocking details are coming to light.

“How do you tell a baby mom and dad are dead? I do not know what to do …” one woman cries.

This girl’s play is what everyone is fighting for now. The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a Russian military base, killing hundreds of people.

“In the Kyiv region – Makariv, Borodianka, Bucha, Hostomel, Irpin – we found 650 bodies, of which 40 bodies were children only,” said Irina Venediktova, Attorney General of Ukraine.

In Pucha, meanwhile, operations began to clear traces of fighting.

“We will never forget what happened here. These images of how long a man should live remain in our minds. Every time I patrol these streets or visit my friends,” says one police officer.

Author: Luana Pavaluca

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