Kirby and the Forgotten Land list of all current icons

Kirby and the Present Forgotten Land

Kirby and the Forgotten Land Just moved on to the Switch, and players can take advantage of many of the existing codes. When you sign up for the game at Waddle Dee-liveries, it offers a variety of different items.

We have a full list of all current Kirby and Forgotten Earths codes below. Expiry dates are also noted where applicable.

– ほ お ば り ヘ ケ で だ い ぼ う け ん – Star Coin x100, Car-Mouth Cake (available until April 25th)
– MOUTHFULMODE – Star Coin x100, Car-Mouth Cake (available until April 25)
– KIRBYMICROSITE – Star Coin x150, Attack Boost (available until June 10th)
– BRAWLINGCOLOSSEUM – Star Coin x500, attack boost (permanently working at the moment)
– CLEARDEMO – Star Coin x300 (permanently uploaded at the moment)
– FIRSTPASSWORD – Star Coin x100 (permanently uploaded at the moment)
– KIRBYSTORY – Star Coin x300 (permanently working at the moment)
– KIRBYTHEGOURMET – Rare Stone, Car-Mouth Cake (up permanently for now)
– NEWADVENTURE – Star Coin x300, a rare stone (permanently unlocked at the moment)
– THANKYOUMETAKNIGHT – Rare Stone x3 (Permanently Arrived at the moment)

It should be noted that the current KIRBYMICROSITE code for Kirby and the Forgotten Land comes from the North American site, which is given after finding the five hidden items across its various pages. You may want to do it yourself because collecting them all gives users 100 Platinum Points on My Nintendo.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land is now playing on Switch. You can visit the official website here.

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