Lana Del Rey has been spotted working out at the Alabama Waffle House, and no one knows why

A modified photo shows Lana Del Rey outside the Waffle House.
Joshua Zeitser/Insider, Getty Images

  • Lana Del Rey is seen working a shift at the Waffle House in Florence, Alabama.
  • It’s unclear why she’s there, which has led her fans to speculate on a variety of possibilities.
  • One theory is that the visit was related to a single from her new album referring to the city.

Lana Del Rey left fans baffled after she was seen working a shift at the Waffle House in Florence, Alabama, on Thursday.

In pictures circulating on social media, the “Blue Jeans” singer is pictured behind a Waffle House counter brewing coffee while wearing a Waffle House outfit and a “Lana” tag.

A widely shared video also shows her asking the patron not to photograph another person without their permission.

During her time at the Alabama restaurant, Del Rey also took pictures with fans.

Local, Karina Cisneros Juarez, Details of her meeting with Del Rey to local media outlet

“It was a little surreal,” Juarez said, adding, “I just told her how much I loved her music and her work in general. She was so amazing and incredibly sweet.”

The reason for Del Rey’s presence at the Waffle House remains unclear, leaving fans to speculate on a variety of possibilities.

on fan forums, Some have speculated that she may be recording a music video, while others have suggested that it may be a publicity stunt for the upcoming singles. Others have jokingly suggested she might explore a new career path.

In recent days, Del Rey has also been spotted in a number of other unexpected places in Alabama, including downtown Florence and Nail salon in Birmingham.

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The visit is likely related to a song from her new album, “Did You Know There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Boulevard.”

On “Paris, Texas” she sings: “I took a train to Spain, only notebook in hand / Then I went to see some of my friends, in Florence, Alabama.”

The Del Rey and Waffle House publicist did not immediately respond to Insider’s requests for comment.

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