LIVE UPDATE Queen Elizabeth II’s last visit. The coffin is taken to Edinburgh

The Prince and Princess of Wales, William and Catherine, joined the Dukes of Sussex, Harry and Meghan, outside Windsor Castle. The two grandsons of the queen greeted the crowd and exchanged a few words with those who had come to pay their last respects. It was a rare appearance of the two siblings together after Harry and Meghan left the Royal Household and moved abroad to America.

Francis Newton, 85, Windsor: “I think they’ve got a good legacy from the Queen. How she was as a person, how she grew up… I think they’ve learned a lot of things that I hope will be useful. I think they’ll be exceptional.”

Although Harry and Meghan are not as popular among Britons as the crown prince and his wife, people outside Windsor Castle cheered for them, and Meghan was hugged by a young man who broke down in tears.

Queen Elizabeth’s coffin will be placed in Edinburgh Cathedral on Sunday for her Scottish subjects to say goodbye.

“I think it’s very sad that she died, but she was a very old lady, she reigned so long and did so much good in the world. I think Prince Charles will have a tough job following in your footsteps. I don’t think he’s as loved as the Queen.

“She was the ‘Queen’, she was an absolutely wonderful queen for the whole country and the whole empire. I cried, as did many others. She will be greatly missed.” People said.

On Tuesday, the Queen’s body will be taken by royal train to London and placed in the throne room at Buckingham Palace, and on Wednesday, the coffin will be taken to the Palace of Westminster. A similar slow march was organized for the Queen Mother in 2002, with 1,600 soldiers covering a kilometer.

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For a few days, the public will have access to Buckingham Palace to say goodbye to the Queen. The 87-year-old, one of the sovereign’s oldest fans, has told how he met Elizabeth II before she became Queen.

Tahir Levy: “We were students in 1947 and we went to see the royal family and we had a Union Jack (the flag of Great Britain, no). She stopped in front of me before we sang ‘God Save the Queen’ and ‘Land of Hope and Glory’. I looked at her. … She was a princess, with peachy cheeks, and I said, “Wow!” She looked radiant, beautiful, and charming.”

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