Locking extended indefinitely in Shanghai. There are a new record number of COVID cases in China

Chinese local officials said on Tuesday that the anti-Govt-19 lockout targeting 26 million people in Shanghai had been extended indefinitely. More than 15,000 asymptomatic cases were reported in China on Tuesday, most in Shanghai.

Before deciding on the next anti-epidemic measures, the Shanghai authorities should wait for the results of the mass examination of Shanghai residents, consult the affected patients and take them to isolated facilities.

The Beijing Health Commission on Tuesday reported more than 16,000 new COVID-19 cases nationwide, the highest number of daily infections in the current epidemic wave and the worst daily number in two years. According to DPA, Agerpres.

Of these, more than 15,000 cases are asymptomatic.

In Shanghai, 268 Govt-19 symptoms and more than 13,000 asymptomatic infections have been reported in recent days following extensive testing.

The province of Jilin in northeastern China has also been hit hard by the current epidemic.

Anyone affected in China should go to a hospital or isolated facility. Isolated centers have been set up in gyms and exhibition halls in Shanghai, which are already approaching their maximum potential.

Authorities in the Chinese metropolitan area have registered more than 70,000 infections since the beginning of March. On Monday, the number of daily infections crossed 10,000 for the first time.

The ban on people moving west of Shanghai will be in effect from Friday to Tuesday, but it was extended indefinitely and residents were told to stay in their homes.

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