Love Is Blind Reunion special gains 6.5 million viewers after tech glitch – Deadline

the love is blind The reunion was ultimately not held on April 16 due to “technical difficulties,” but the apologetic Netflix brass are more than happy to see what the viewer got once the special finally airs.

co-CEO Greg Peters said today in Netflix’s first-quarter earnings video from: love is blind Snafu. “We have the basic infrastructure that we need,” Peters added, and noted, “The good news is, you know, at the end 6.5 million viewers watched and enjoyed the show.”

He also addressed his experiences in live shows, such as Chris Rock’s recent experiences selective anger Special and reality dating show reunion Fellow co-CEO Ted Sarandos admitted he was “very disappointed” in the love is blind Dark when it should have been live. But never one to shy away from man-pitch status, Sarandos shifted gears to add, “We’re so glad people love the show, and that really indicates the kind of love for this brand, and to the growing love for those who aren’t trademarked on Netflix.”

Concluding the series’ fourth season, W.L.L love is blind The Special was Netflix’s second live event effort. I was wildly applauded by the comedian’s expected comments on being slapped on stage at the 2022 Academy Awards by Will Smith and Chris Rock. selective anger It debuted live and with strong numbers late on March 4th – with no apparent technical difficulties.

“I think sometimes these results-oriented shows don’t work a little better in live broadcasts and they generate a lot of conversation,” he continued, pushing for a larger live broadcast strategy. “But keep in mind as on Chris Rock, about 90% of the viewing happened after that. But that doesn’t change the fact that it was a big event when it happened live.”

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“Live streaming is the future…and we have a lot of room to grow,” the ever-upbeat CEO went on to say at the end of the earnings call, the first without former CEO Reed Hastings.

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