Mandel’s Final Thoughts: Could Tide Be Weak vs. Volumes? In addition to the madness sooner, the greatness of Los Angeles

And now, 23 final thoughts from Saturday that started at 11 a.m. Dallas time in front of 90,000 at Cotton Bowl and ended at 11:30 p.m. Palo Alto time in front of a few thousand unsuspecting fans at Stanford Stadium who inadvertently (and unfortunately For them) they witnessed the most beautiful end to the whole darn day.

1. It appears that CBS has hired a psychic medium to run the programming department. For two years in a row, they used their only prime-time pick of the season to broadcast the Alabama-Texas A&M game. In both years, Tide was a huge favourite. In both years, it came to the final play. The Aggies Won a field goal in 2021. The Tide survived incomplete A&M in 2022.

And now, those CBS suits are about to be a big winner once again. Next week, they get The biggest game of Alabama and Tennessee Since Nick Saban was still training dolphins.

2. Fans under the age of 25 may not realize that Tide and Vols are traditional competitors, mainly because Saban has won the past 15 meetings and has generally fought in a different weight class than the idle Vols for so long. But lo and behold, these two will meet in Knoxville next week with undefeated records and Top 8 rankings, and for once, Alabama It might be the weakest team.

Especially if the winner is Heisman Bryce Young You can not play.

3. Alabama’s 24-20 run away against an outwardly overrated A&M (3-3, 1-2 SEC) was a strange, bizarre game.

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