Mars Helicopter contacts NASA after two months of silence

After 63 days of agonizing silence, NASA’s Mars helicopter finally called home.

The Ingenuity helicopter reconnected with Mission Control on June 28, officially recording its 52nd flight as successful, according to NASA recently. announce. space agency Lost touch with creativity The helicopter was descending toward the surface of the Red Planet after its last flight on April 26.

The reason for the drop in connection was just that The hill is inconveniently laid Between Creation and his wandering friend, he forbids the Martian pair to communicate with each other. Creativity relies on tenacity to get its messages back to Earth, using shiny antennas to exchange data at about 100 kilobits per second. Data from the antenna facing the intelligence is routed to the rover’s main computer before being transmitted to Earth by an orbiting spacecraft.

“The part of Jezero Crater that the rover and helicopter are currently exploring has a lot of rough terrain, which increases the potential for communications outages,” Josh Anderson, lead creative officer, said in the NASA statement. The helicopter is often ahead of Perseverance to help the rover survey the Martian terrain, causing creativity to sometimes run out of communications.

Since the downlink was disabled more than two months ago, NASA Mission Control has been awaiting the results of the Ingenuity flight. The goal of Flight 52 was to reposition the helicopter and take pictures of the Martian surface for the rover’s science team, according to NASA. During its flight, Creation reached a height of 1,191 feet (363 metres) above the surface for 139 seconds.

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Creativity team is The space agency said the helicopter is currently undergoing health checks to ensure it is fit for another flight within the next two weeks. Flight 53 will be used as a temporary airport to the west where the rover and its helicopter are located. From there, the team wants to make another trip westward to a new location near an outcropping that the rover is looking forward to exploring.

NASA has Communication issues brilliantly before, But the helicopter still works well considering it was designed to last for the 30-day tech demo. Ingenuity landed on Mars in February 2021, inside the Perseverance rover. On April 19, 2021, the 19-inch (48 cm), 4-pound (1.8 kg) helicopter became the world’s first powered aircraft. Leaves from the surface of another planet. After more than two years, the Mars Helicopter has completely passed its testing phase, becoming a useful companion to its rover companion.

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