Microsoft is recruiting Certain Affinity to help Halo Infinite

infinite aura It was a completely close revamp to the Halo franchise. The game features a fun, comprehensive and well-tuned multiplayer campaign, in a package harkening back to the good old days of Xbox Live and the sound of power shields charging. It’s also been slow to add new content to the excellent but turbulent multiplayer mode, but help appears to be on its way in the form of studio Austin Certification Affinity, which is set to help 343 Industries “further develop”. infinite aura. “

News comes across shortest posts on Certain Affinity’s website, which notes that the studio will “deepen our relationship with 343.” Founded in 2006 by Max Hubermann, former multiplayer and online leader of the Halo series, certain affinity It has created a niche as a support store, greatly helping the development of games in Call of Duty and Hello Perks.

The hiring of some Affinity appears to be in line with recent comments from 343 about Halo developers’ efforts to expand in order to meet the demand for more rapid updates and faster cadence of content. In response to fans on Reddit, Brian Jarrard, Community Manager at 343, Speak quite frankly About the “challenges and limitations” the studio faces in supporting it No final.

We are certainly not happy that we are not able to meet the expectations of the player and the community, it is a difficult situation that will take time for the team to work. For now, the focus is on the S2 and we’ll have more to share about that in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, a lot of production planning, costing, planning, staffing, etc. happens, which doesn’t really lend to the regular detailed updates. We understand that society is simply impatient and frankly I think understandably tired of words. We just need some time for the team to sort out the details and then we can definitely share as much as possible.

After the exciting launch, the conversation about infinite aura It deteriorated largely to community frustration over the lack of fresh content and an unsatisfactory seasonal model. These frustrations were exacerbated by the decision to continually defer to big features like Co-op campaign and Forge map editorand long breaks Full multiplayer mode sideline.

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get No final Top Speed ​​will be a long, slow job for 343 and partners, but the studio is putting together an upcoming second season – It’s called Lone Wolves – As a first small step, with two new maps, new multiplayer modes, and a profile swarm of disk.

infinite aura Season two begins May 3.

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