Minimal Tic Tac Toe Business Card

The PCB business card has always been a way for the aspiring electronics engineer to differentiate himself from his peers. Dealing a card that is also a two-player game is a great way to secure a few minutes of recruiter time, so [Ryan Chan] Design a business card that, in addition to his contact information, contains a full Tic-Tac-Toe game built in.

[Ryan] He decided that an OLED screen was too expensive for something and the LED matrix was too thick, so he decided to keep it simple and use an array of 18 LEDs – 9 in each of two colors placed in a familiar 3×3 grid. The ATmega328p running the Arduino bootloader acts as the brain of the process. To achieve a truly simple design [Ryan] It uses a single SMD push-button to control: a short press moves your choice, a longer press ends your move, and a several second press turns the game into single player mode, complete with AI.

If you want to design a Tic-Tac-Toe business card for yourself, [Ryan] He was kind enough to upload schematics and code for his card. If you are still thinking about what type of PCB business card best represents you, it is worth checking out the cards with a file ePaper screen refreshable or a Tetris mini game.

thanks for the [Abe] to get information!

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