NASA takes a picture of a “bear face” on Mars

A strange formation resembling a bear’s face was captured on the surface red planet by NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter last month.

The eyes form a perfectly positioned crater, a mound with a “V-collapse structure” that forms the nose, and a circular-headed fracture pattern, according to the University of Arizona’s Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, which controls the orbiter’s camera. .

The laboratory explained that “the circular fracture pattern may be due to sediment settling over a buried impact crater.” “Maybe the nose is a volcanic vent or mud and sediment It could be lava or mud flows? “

The University of Arizona released this image of a formation on Mars that resembles the face of a bear.

The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, which lifted off from Earth in 2005, is just one of several spacecraft NASA is using to explore the red planet.

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Last year, the Curiosity rover took an image of what appears to be a door carved into the otherworldly landscape. The internet went wild with the speculation, but the Curiosity team later clarified that it was just a “natural geological feature.”

NASA's Curiosity rover captured an image of what appears to be a door on Mars last year.

NASA’s Curiosity rover captured an image of what appears to be a door on Mars last year.

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NASA The InSight Mars lander has been retired After four years on the planet last month after it ran out of capacity.

Perseverance, NASA’s other rover on the Red Planet, has been collecting rock samples with its robotic arm and has been exploring the Martian landscape since 2021.

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