New ace they talk about Joe Biden’s assassination on Russian state TV: “The real war hasn’t started yet”

Russian state television is not the first to challenge Ukraine’s allies. Since the start of the war, the channel’s journalists have been multiplying their shocking reports. Joe Biden has recently been the target of these vicious attacks La LibreCited by Rader.

Olga SkabeevaPhoto: east2west news / WillWest News / Profimedia

“This discussion with Joe Biden brings us closer to victory,” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said Monday, at the end of the US head of state’s “surprise” visit to Kiev.

If the arrival of a White House resident who reaffirmed his support for the country in the war pleased Ukrainians, it did not please Russians.

The visit, interpreted by some as a “biting room” for Putin, was clearly commented on by Russian state television. A de facto propaganda organ of the Kremlin, the channel was the scene of a belligerent debate during which pro-Putin journalists did not hesitate to talk about the assassination of Joe Biden.

“Can President Putin be threatened in this way?” Host Olga Skabeeva expressed her displeasure with Russia allowing the US president to visit Ukraine.

“Who Will Replace Joe Biden If He Kills Him?”

One military expert responded that the Russians could have manipulated Biden, but that would have been an “overreaction.” “Also, be logical. If you kill Biden, who will replace him? Kamala Harris. Biden, even though he is said to have dementia, is still able to judge. Harris has no limits,” he continued.

But, according to the presenter, it is important that Russia raises its voice against the United States. Olga Skabeeva demanded that the Kremlin stop taking “such a quiet” stance towards the West. President Putin has hinted that the real war has yet to begin. What are we waiting for?”, began the campaigner, whose words were picked up by “Head Ladsday News”.

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