New pictures of American Bradleys on the video front / where the Ukrainian military has thrown them into battle

A new video shared by the Ukrainian military on social media shows one of the Bradley Fighting Vehicles received from the United States in action at the front.

Bradley fighting vehiclePhoto: Operation 2022 / Alamy / Profimedia Images

The footage shows the armored infantry fighting vehicle firing both the 25mm M242 “Bushmaster” main gun and its 7.62mm M240C secondary machine gun engaging Russian troops at the edge of a forest.

Although it doesn’t capture particularly spectacular fights, it’s notable that the recording lasted more than 5 minutes. She also catches a Bradley vehicle jumping to the aid of another disabled Ukrainian military vehicle in its path of travel.

A day after another scene appeared on social media, showing Ukrainian soldiers in Bradley fighting vehicles spectacularly destroying two Russian vehicles using US military-supplied TOW missiles.

The two BGM-71 TOW (“Tube-Launched, Optically Tracked, Wire-Guided”) missiles on the Bradley vehicles are the most impressive weapons in the arsenal of these American armored vehicles, which General Mark Herdling, the former commander of US troops in Europe, called them “tank killers”. He said that they are capable.

The Ukrainians would have thrown Bradley vehicles into battle in an attack in the south of the country

According to information circulating on social networks, both videos were shot in the Zaporozhye region of southern Ukraine, one of the fronts where the Ukrainian army is trying to break through the Russian defensive lines.

Evgeni Balitski, the governor installed by Russian occupiers in the Zaporozhye region, announced in early May that he had ordered the evacuation of towns near the front line, citing an intensification of Ukrainian bombing.

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“In recent days, the enemy has intensified the bombing of settlements near the front line. Therefore, we have decided to evacuate first the children and parents, the elderly, the disabled and hospital patients. A temporary evacuation will take place,” Polisky announced on May 5.

The move comes as military analysts expect the Zaporozhye region to be one of the potential targets of the long-awaited Ukrainian offensive.

Before the offensive began, the Zaporozhye region was 80% occupied by Russian forces, along with invasion forces sent by Vladimir Putin to Ukraine, including Europe’s largest nuclear power plant, located near the city of Energodar.

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