New Silent Hill Project 2 based on the classic horror game

Silent Hill 2 protagonist James Sunderland stares at his own reflection.

Well, wait… “Silent Hill 2: Part 1”?
picture: Konami

Just hours ago official presentation Today, details about some the silent Hill Projects may have been leaked by Konami itself. way to tell yourself, right?

In case you didn’t know, Konami will do it hold the the silent Hill Live broadcast at about 4:50 p.m. ET today on YouTube. The purpose of the broadcast, according to the video description, is to “disclose the latest news of the silent Hill Series.” That’s cool, but that description appears to have been updated when Twitter user Nibel discovered that an earlier version contained details about what could be shown.

according to Deleted information now in the description of the live broadcastKonami indicated that a silent hill 2 It will be available on the PlayStation Store at some point. While the video description might not go off as much, A Twitch streamer named SurvivalHorrorNetwork Share an automated Twitch email they got To notify them that the copyright owner – Konami – has invested in a test broadcast that they have played. The copyrighted content mentioned in the purported email is “Silent Hill 2: Part 1” which may indicate any possibility silent hill 2 In business it will be a two-part game.

More hints are emerging from the live broadcast metadata, which has been around Posted in Games Forum ResetEra for a comprehensive inspection. The code called drops silent hill 2next movie Back to Silent Hill, and something called “Silent Hill: Ascension”. It looks like the live stream will also include interviews and a teaser trailer, as well as possible references to PlayStation and Steam. PlayStation was noted in the metadata which is important to some Era users, as many have noted that the silent hill 2 It has always been rumored that a remake is a timed exclusive for Sony consoles.

Kotaku Reached out to Konami for comment.

Finally, a site called WhatIfGaming He claims to have heard silent hill 2 New edition details From an anonymous source, including that it will have a shoulder-operated camera, “amazing” graphics and Artistic director Masahiro Ito and beloved composer Akira Yamaoka return. The source claims that Bloober Team is developing the new version silent hill 2And the rumor circulated Since at least May 2022 when it is alleged Leaked footage is starting to make the rounds. In June 2022, the Bloober Team revealed its current project, a layers of fear A restart of some kindThis will build on the foundations of this franchise with an “amazing new story and gameplay direction”.

Well, we’ll see in a few hours what Konami has in store the silent Hill fans. But it looks like we might already have a good idea of ​​at least one of the biggest “surprises”.

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