New Theory on Russian TV: Europeans Support Ukraine Because We Defeated Napoleon / How Romania Is Mentioned

Russian television has floated a new, far-fetched theory that European nations have rallied behind Ukraine, still angry over centuries of Russia’s failures.

Dmitry Kiselyov presents a selected history lesson in his programPhoto: Video capture

“The West has still not been able to forgive us for the failures of the anti-Russian campaigns,” begins the monologue of TV host Dmitry Kiselyov, nicknamed “the Kremlin’s most toxic propagandist.”

He says the Swedes will never forgive us for humiliating the army [regelui] In Charles XII Battle of Poltava Now they demand the end of Russia precisely because of Poltava,” he continues, noting that Sweden, like Finland, has abandoned its historic neutrality and He asked to join NATO After the outbreak of war in Ukraine at the end of February.

“But they didn’t have the guts to fight themselves, so they found some fools in Ukraine to fight Russia,” he says.

Kiselyov then goes to the French and says that he did not forgive Russia for the war Borodino “It represented a strategic setback to the campaign against Russia by Napoleon’s grand army of 600,000 men”.

The Russian TV presenter then reviews all the European countries occupied by Napoleon that provided soldiers for “La Grande Armée”, focusing mainly on the German states. “In fact, half the soldiers of the great army are German speakers,” he says.

From Napoleon to World War II: A Selected History Lesson on Television in Russia

However, Kiselyov “forgets” to mention that the British Empire, the world’s largest naval power at the time, was Russia’s ally in the conflict against Napoleon. Instead, Kiselyov threatened Great Britain at a show in May will be transformed into a “radioactive desert”. Because Ukraine was given military support.

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Turning to the Germans, the Russian propagandist says they are “furious to this day. They shake the hand of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry and at the same time say, ‘Finish the worst of us.’

Kiselyov says Germany will still be angry about the defeat at Stalingrad and the capture of Berlin during World War II.

“Incidentally, besides the Germans, thousands of Italians and Romanians took part in the Battle of Stalingrad”, Kiselyov continues in his speech, “forgetting” Romania turned its weapons and fought on the side of the Soviet Union and the Allies.

“As for Berlin, apart from the German divisions, it was also defended by the SS Nordland division, made up of Danes, Dutch and Norwegians”, adds Dmitri Kiselyov.

He ends his history lesson by recalling that the Reichstag, the German parliament building where Adolf Hitler’s bunker was located, was guarded by members of the SS Charlemagne, a group of French volunteers enlisted to fight Bolshevism.

Dmitry Kiselyov says that Russia is a much freer country than the West

One Another show of his From June, the Russian TV presenter said without blinking an eye:

“Compared to the West, Russia is a very free country. In our country there is a competition of ideas, but Europe is retreating in this regard”.

He added, “We’ve had people punished or worse before, because of their opinions. This came in the West before he started talking about the “chaos” in Europe in his program on the Rossiya-1 channel.

Although not as well known outside of Russia as his colleague Vladimir Solovyov, including himself to the invasion of Germany and discussed on his show How to hang soldiers Kiselyov, who was captured in Ukraine, has earned a reputation as the “Kremlin’s most toxic propagandist” over the years due to his many aggressive statements directed at other countries.

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