New US weapons for Ukraine are beginning to reach the country’s borders

The Pentagon said Monday that the first loads of new US military aid to Ukraine have already reached the country’s borders to be handed over to the Ukrainian military, the AFP notes.

John KirbyPhoto: US Department of Defense

Last weekend, Agerpres reported, citing an unnamed senior AFP defense official, that “four planes arrived from the United States with various equipment.”

The fifth plane is expected to arrive in the next 24 hours, he said, adding that the new $ 800 million military aid to Ukraine will be “five flights in more days” since it was announced by President Joe Biden on Wednesday.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said the first ship arrived 48 hours after the signing of an administrative order authorizing the ship to be “unprecedented”.

A spokesman said soldiers stationed in the eastern part of NATO since the start of the Russian invasion would begin training M Ukraine M777 Howitzer artillery on maneuvering US sophisticated artillery “in the coming days.” For the first time Ukraine has decided to hand over to the military.

These exercises “will take place outside of Ukraine,” he said. “A small number of Ukrainians will be trained in the use of howitzer artillery and then sent back to their home country to train their comrades,” the spokesman said.

Although their handling is not fundamentally different from the artillery known to the Ukrainian military, these artilleryes use 155mm shells used by NATO countries, while Ukraine still has only 152mm Russian-made shells.

In turn, Russian forces are beginning to realize the impact of sanctions on the supply of weapons, especially guided missiles, a senior Pentagon official said.

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He said sanctions “have affected Putin’s ability to refuel and refuel, especially with components of some of these systems and his precision – guided missiles.” “It already has a real impact on Putin,” he said.

“On the other hand, we know that they are working hard to obtain supplies from their own defense sector and are amazed at how fast they can increase their weapons production,” he added. “Barriers affect their ability to do that,” he said.

Most modern weapons use electronic chips, and their main manufacturers are Taiwan and South Korea, two US allies who stopped exporting these products to Russia in accordance with US sanctions imposed after the invasion of Ukraine.

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