News: Kadyrov will be poisoned and will feel very bad. He would have requested a well-known urologist from the Arab Emirates

Foreign press claims that Ramzan Kadyrov, the Chechen leader, may have been poisoned and that he is very ill and has sought the help of a well-known urologist.

Kazakh journalist Azamat Maidanov reported that the Chechen leader had serious kidney problems and was very unwell. In his Telegram channel, Ramzan Kadyrov enlisted the help of Yassin Ibrahim El-Shahad, a 30-year veteran from the United Arab Emirates.

A representative of the Icherian Cabinet of Ministers-in-Exile, Akhmat Zagayev, says that Ramzan Kadyrov has been ill for a long time and may be addicted to drugs. He drew attention to the fact that until recently the leader of Chechnya was very active and all this was due to some energy pills.

Other sources say the Chechen leader was poisoned and called in a urologist from the United Arab Emirates because he didn’t trust Moscow doctors.

Health may be the reason he misses Putin’s annual speech on February 21, 2023. Even then, there were reports in the media that he was in the UAE or Dubai.

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