News of the moment for Romanians with central apartments. Many EU countries have already banned it

New rules for apartment heating plants may also appear in Romania, after several EU countries have already banned them.

In our country, there is a program in this sense, and about three million people are already using these apartment heating plants.

Apartment heating plants have already been banned in Denmark, Norway, Holland and France.

“In most of the countries you mentioned, new homes are talking about power plants.

In Romania, the legislative initiative is that in the future, in newly built buildings, each apartment will no longer have a heating plant, but only one for the staircase of the block or for the whole block.

What does the legislative initiative in Romania provide for thermal power plants?

“There is such an initiative in Cluj-Napoca in Romania, where it was discussed in practice that such a ban should be imposed on all new apartments that are built and have a central staircase or only one block. The situation is no longer there.

At the same time, we have to be realistic and what we create has to be in tune with the situation here. Let me give you some statistics.

At the moment, in Romania, the heating of buildings is done with renewable resources only at a rate of 1%, that is, we mostly have biomass, we have gas and we have district heating for building heating.

We should also bear in mind that of primary energy, currently only 11% is renewable energy, the rest being fossil or nuclear energy.

All these elements characterize the situation in Romania, and I believe that the commitments and negotiations to be made regarding these new future impositions must be very rational, in order not to end up in some dramatic situation.

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Many may be affected by this decision. We will see when it will be implemented properly,” explained Dumitru Chisăliśă, president of the Intelligent Energy Association, on CNN’s Antena 3 on Wednesday.

Which countries have banned flat gas plants?

1. Denmark – Since 2013 it has banned connecting new buildings to the natural gas network. It has determined that by 2028, half of buildings will be connected to a central heating network

2. Norway – Since 2017 it has banned connecting new buildings to the natural gas network

3. The Netherlands – Banning new buildings from connecting to natural gas network from 2018.

4. France – has effectively banned the installation of gas and oil plants from 2022 as it introduced CO2 emission limits for heating installations in new buildings.

5. Austria – bans repair of old thermal power plants and installation of new thermal power plants from 2024.

6. Germany – imposes an obligation to have 64% of the energy used for new heating systems from renewable energy from 2024, effectively prohibiting the installation of gas and oil plants from 2022

7. Great Britain – bans the installation of gas plants and oil products in new buildings from 2025

8. Belgium – Bans installation of fossil fuel power plants in new buildings from 2025

Source: Intelligent Energy Association

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