NFL Rumors: The Eagles are interested in Chandler Jones

The Philadelphia Eagles Among the many teams interested in signing free edge rusher agent Chandler Jones, according to a report from Jordan Schultz.

Schultz claims he was told Jones would make at least $15 million – $18 million annually and “want to play for a competitor.” Other teams that have been said to be interested in Jones include – but are not necessarily limited to – buffalo billsAnd the Denver BroncosAnd the Atlanta FalconsAnd the Miami DolphinAnd the Seattle Seahawks.

Usually the source in a report like this is the player’s agent. Their side can gain a lot from the perception that there is a strong market for player services. This does not mean that the eagles it’s not Interested in Jones but it is fair to ask the extent of this interest and whether it is being used to aid Jones’ influence.

It makes sense that the Eagles would be interested in Jones.

For starters, he’s a really good player! As a two-time All-Pro first-team pick and four-time Pro Bowler, Jones is one of the best free agents set to hit the open market. This is a guy with 84 sacks, 91 tackles to lose, 149 quarterback hits and 27 forced fumbles in his last 99 games. Elite production.

Eagles have a distinct need to rush to the edge. They only finished 29th in the sacks last season and most expect to let starter Derek Barnett’s defense run in free agency. Signing with Jones would give the Eagles his major triple, Brandon Graham, and Josh Sweet. Philly could also look to add another edge pusher with one of their many first-round picks 2022 NFL Draft.

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The guesswork here is that the vultures do not land on Jones. It is possible that they will outpace the competition because they really appreciate being pushed over the edge. But I don’t know that they are looking to spend the bulk of the market money on a 32-year-old. I also don’t know that Jones would find Philly as attractive as other relegation zones that boast midfielders, such as Buffalo and Denver.

Still, it’s fun to see the Eagles connect to a good player like Jones. And their interest in him may indicate that they are looking for other rushers to pass the agents (like Hasson Riddick, perhaps? Maybe Charles Harris?). We will continue to monitor this situation.

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