Ninja Tried To Give Evo $500,000 For Smash, But Nintendo Ghosted

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Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, a massive broadcast personality, claims he tried to award the prestigious Evolution Championship Series (also known as Evo) a $500,000 reward for submitting Super Smash Bros.. Awards have been collecting for years, only to be closed Smashing Developer Nintendo.

This was how Blevins explained recently Tweet 2018 In which he promised to have “something to cook” to compete Super Smash Bros. social communication. At the time, the crypto message sparked a spectator that was perpetually hungry for mainstream recognition and financial stability, but Blevins never announced his plans or even explained what he meant until he broke his silence at a poker event on May 1st.

Blevins told his fellow broadcaster, Ludwig Ahgren, who has close relations with Smashing social communication. I literally wanted to squeeze an Evo [by] $500,000, and they just cheated us. I know I’ve been feeling this way all the time, but at the end of the day, I just sat there in front of my team and was like, “I want to make this happen, big money” and Nintendo never came back to us.”

Blevins added that Nintendo was “interested for a minute” but stopped responding after the infamous tweet.

Blevins declined to comment and Nintendo never responded KotakuInvestigation, these allegations seem possible. Despite the obvious desire before Smashing Competitors for official recognition, the game developer has long been wary of imposing penalties for tournament play. Of course, that hasn’t stopped Nintendo from negatively affecting the scene from time to time, such as when it happens almost closed Evo 2013 Super Smash Bros. Millie Stream at the last minute and Strict control regulations are imposed At The Big House 7, a hugely popular event sponsored by the company in 2017.

Recently, Nintendo kept Super Smash Bros. From being part of the Evo 2022 lineup After the series’ consistent appearances over the past decade.

“While I am not aware of what has or has not happened in the past, Evo loves working with Ninja, Nintendo, and anyone else interested in developing Super Smash Bros. Championships,” said General Manager Ivo Rick Thieher Kotaku. After he helped create the ninja Hello Looking back at Twitch Rivals tournaments, I’ve seen first-hand the positive feelings that Ninja can create when he gives back to the classic gaming communities.”

One possible reason why Nintendo is turning Blevins down is (aside from her strange relationship to the competitor Smashing community) may be related to controversial comments made by the operator Keeping his streams for men only around the same time.

a few months before him Smashing Tweeting in 2018, Blevins sparked controversy by saying that he avoided playing games with women out of respect for his wife. He concluded that this strict rule prevented the Internet from turning any small moment of perceived flirtation into controversy, but that many saw it as detrimental to the advancement of streamers. Blevins has since collaborated with women and It wasn’t the end of the world.

Speculation aside, Nintendo’s inexplicable approach to Super Smash Bros. The competition was front and center within society. Some believe that official support is the only way to survive in the frenetic esports ecosystem, while others are concerned about the additional oversight that Nintendo’s money will bring. Juan “Hungrybox” DeBiedma has long been considered one of the “gods” Super Smash Bros. Millie The competition, highlighted these issues at last month’s Streamer Awards, Calling on Nintendo for its inaction With reference also to the company 2022 Official Circuit As a step in the right direction.

Smashing “It’s a nice game,” said Dibidma. “He deserves to shine.”

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