Officials say the NATO alliance is “absolutely in danger” because of Putin’s war in Ukraine

On Wednesday, a month after Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, a European Commander-in-Chief of the Allied Forces (SHAPE) said on Wednesday that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war had “absolutely endangered” NATO and its member states. CNN.

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The official called Putin “irresponsible” and said he “did not care about the lives of the people.”

“From Russia, we realize that Putin and his close circle are utterly irresponsible people. They do not care about the lives of the people. They lie openly to cover up their military operations. So it is dangerous and we really assess that the alliance is completely in danger, “the official said on Wednesday.

Shape is the center of NATO military operations in Europe. It is located in Brussels, Belgium. Two SHAPE officials briefed reporters on NATO’s military position and how they react to Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. The news comes ahead of US President Joe Biden’s visit to NATO headquarters in Brussels to visit NATO allies as the crisis in Ukraine continues.

The war has created a “new reality” for NATO allies, another SHAPE official said.

“You listened to the Secretary-General’s press conference and he said that this is a new fact and that we need to reset our security and blockade,” said a second SHAPE official.

“This is a permanent and profound change in the European security environment, and the Secretary-General has said the same.”

How NATO has strengthened its security during this time

Officials say it is too early to predict how NATO will permanently change its military position in Europe due to Putin’s actions, but talks about how its position so far has strengthened to strengthen the East, where allies NATO is also on the border with Ukraine. Ukraine is ready for any situation that could provoke war in NATO countries.

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For the first time in NATO history, the NATO Response Force has been activated, and the “40,000 NATO Allies” in the East are now working for the “collective security and collective security” of all NATO countries, not just their own. . The second-in-command said there were eight war groups, one in each country in the east, as part of the NATO response.

This is ten times more than it was before the invasion of Ukraine, the official added.

“In the field of ground forces, there are now 40,000 soldiers in eight combat teams, which are on the east side of each country, which is ten times more than it was before the invasion of Russia,” said a second SHAPE official.

“More than 100 planes are in the air,” the official said.

“We always do what we call air patrols,” the official said, but now that the invasion has begun, eight planes are flying to give the coalition “24/7 air presence in the east”.

In the waters surrounding NATO allies, the coalition “has 25 ships at any one time, patrolling the seas with a 360-degree barrier,” the official said.

“In addition, there are usually about 150 ships from NATO countries that sail at sea and can move forward or backward under NATO command and control,” the official added.

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