Oliver Sheen, son of Taylor Hawkins, plays the drums during a tribute to the Foo Fighters

For him, my father was no ordinary hero.

Taylor Hawkins, son of the late Foo Fighters drummer, performed on stage in memory of his father Saturday night.

Sixteen-year-old Oliver Shane Hawkins played the drums on “My Hero” in “Taylor Hawkins Tribute.” in London.

Pictures of the father and son were shown on stadium screens to watch the start of the song, revealing the boy behind the drum.

Musicians from all over the world came together to support Hawkins, with several artists playing songs from the Foo Fighters’ extensive catalog.

Some of the musicians who joined the tribute are Travis Parker of Blink-182, The Darkness’ Rufus Tiger Taylor, Wolfgang Van Halen and Foo Fighters’ daughter Violet Dave Grohl.

The tribute opened with former Oasis star Liam Gallagher performing “Rock ‘n’ Roll Star” and “Live Forever,” backed by Foo Fighters with Grohl on drums, Pat Smear and Chris Shiflett on guitar and Nate Mendel on bass .

Oliver Shane Hawkins, 16, performs ‘My Hero’ in London on Saturday.
The crowd cheered when a picture of Hawkins and his son was shown on a screen behind the teenage drummer.
The crowd cheered when a photo of Taylor and Oliver Shane Hawkins was projected onto a screen behind the stage.

Later, Grohl . was seen break into tears The singer performed the song “Times Like This”.

Hawkins died in Bogota, Colombia, on March 25 of a cardiovascular collapse at the age of 50.

Performed by Dave Grohl and Oliver Shane Hawkins "my hero" On stage in London.
Dave Grohl and Oliver Shane Hawkins perform “My Hero” on stage in London.
Taylor Hawkins
Hawkins, 50, died in Columbia on March 25.
Rich Fury / Getty Images

He left behind his wife Alison Hawkins and three children – Oliver Sheen, Annabelle Hawkins, 13, and Everly Hawkins, 8.

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