Orescu asked Szijjardo that Hungarian officials on personal visits should respect the “feelings of Romania” in their speech.

Foreign Minister Bogdan Aurescu told Digi24.ro on Wednesday that he discussed with his Hungarian counterpart Peter Szijardo on Tuesday the individual visits of Hungarian officials to Romania and the summer camp in Tuznat this week and where the prime minister will be. Minister Viktor Orban will attend. The Romanian official noted to the Hungarian minister “what Romania’s sensitivities are and the expectation that the public discourse will fit within the parameters we already know”.

“The visit I received yesterday from my partner in Hungary, Mr. (Peter – N.Ret.) Szijjardo, was very comprehensive in terms of the discussions I had and on the subject of energy security, and most importantly, it was the same. The topics we discussed.

For example, we talked about the personal visits of Hungarian officials to Romania and the summer camp in Tuznat next week, and showed what the feelings of Romania are and the expectation that the public discourse will fit the parameters we already know. ., this year we celebrate 20 years since the Basic Political Agreement, the Declaration of Strategic Partnership for the XXI Century. And the answer was positive.

We understand that (Victor Orban – Ed.) will participate in this summer camp. Let’s see what the behavior of the Hungarian authorities is. I hope it will be like what my colleague Peter Szijardo told me,” said Bogdan Arescu.

“It is in Romania’s strategic interest to support Hungary to remove part of this dependence on Russian gas”

The government official added, “We have set a number of goals on how to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the strategic partnership, including the opening of a bilateral common trade chamber in Budapest by the end of the year.”

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“We have very strong economic exchanges with Hungary, 11 billion euros last year. I am growing this year. But we need a deficit balance, because I believe we have a deficit of 2.5 billion euros, we are Romania, and in these exchanges Hungary invests less in Hungary than investments in Romania.

We discussed the new session of the Economic Commission and the new session of the Committee on Minorities. We also talked about how to ease border traffic to remove series of barriers.

We also talked about energy security, because Hungary is very dependent on external sources, and precisely on the Russian Federation, so it is in Romania’s advantage and strategic interest to support Hungary to free itself from this dependence. Concrete issues related to expanding connectivity capacity on the Romanian side or other aspects mentioned there are related to tax ministries and special discussions, but from a political, strategic point of view, Romania’s foreign policy objectives, I think all our neighboring countries are much less dependent on the energy resources of the Russian Federation, which is a direct benefit of Romania. ” says the Romanian Foreign Minister.

Author: Alexandru Kostia

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