Overwatch 2 fans are calling Mercy “mommy” after the new Lifeguard skin announcement

published: 2023-06-13 T06:22:43

updated: 2023-06-13 T06:22:58

Overwatch 2 fans are losing their minds over the new skin for Mercy’s savior, complete with Baywatch-like cosmetics, which has garnered some emotional response from fans online.

when it comes to b OverwatchPart of the fun is unlocking new outfits and skins for your favorite heroes. Whenever there’s a big event, developer Blizzard usually releases a new skin or two in theme with in-game festivities or simply as a way to add more content to the game.

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In conjunction with this, the Overwatch community has also built a reputation for showing their appreciation for their favorite heroes. With fan art filled with hypersexuality, fanfiction, and more appearing in droves on the internet and across websites, there is no shortage of passion on the internet.

Now, however, the latest look to catch those fans’ attention comes in the form of Mercy’s newly announced savior skin.

The ad clip also includes a cinematic of Mercy running in slow motion in her new lifeguard outfit in much the same fashion as the Baywatch lifeguards. As one might expect from the Overwatch community, fans have taken to Twitter and other social media platforms to express their appreciation for the new skin.

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Overwatch 2 fans are reacting to the new Mercy Lifeguard skin

One Twitter user wrote “Finally!! Saved OW2! Next Summerless Summer Reaper shirt without the weird mask please!” Another added “I’ve already seen the Lifeguard Mercy x Lifeguard Pharah fanart.”

“We won,” “Mom,” and “God have mercy,” are just a few additional comments from excited fans, along with plenty of barking to go with them. Because of course.

Given these early responses, it’s safe to say that this new Mercy skin has already been a hit with fans and many gamers will likely choose to move forward. However, this isn’t the first time the Overwatch community has responded in this way to a new look.

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Previously, Dixerto reported how Ash’s new Season 4 battle skin, the Intergalactic Smuggler skin, makes her dynamite sound “wet”. A detail that totally exploded in certain parts of the game’s community.

For the latest Overwatch 2 news and updates, be sure to check out our full Dexerto coverage here.

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